Season Shredding


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For east coasters winter isn’t exactly over. We’re not even half way through March, so don’t let your stoke get extinguished if and when there happens to be a little more snow. In fact, when the temperature drops and the sky gets dark and pregnant with precipitation, call your homeboys and have your shred sticks… Read more »

A Duet


Frantic and nimble, the Wild Turkey forages and thrives in forest-bordered places. They dine on a variety of nuts and grasses, but also occasionally banquet on All-Natural Choice Blend Bird Seed at our own bird feeder. Some now consider these birds a weed species – their populations are burgeoning at the edge of town and suburban development, just like those of the raccoon, coyote, deer, and skateboarder. This edit is a duet, a dance between wild weeds at the border.

Skateboarding Before Snow

Skateboarding Before Snow

It’s the time of year when things are withdrawn into themselves. When trees once wildly interwoven in green now stand silent, solitary, and individual. Old stone walls that run through the woods seem hunkered down and expectant, ready for deep snow. While coming back to Vermont for Christmas was a time to see family, friends, and have some festive in-door skate sessions, it was also a time to withdraw, to be lost to the world and experience on a board the way everything seems to be still before snow.