Rick Rossi’s “New Driveway” Part


“This video part screams the SKATE AND DESTROY mantra—over and over again! Rick just sees spots through a different lens.” ~Thrasher Music by Cobra Man



Straight from the back-breaking industry of construction and the stereotype of American masculinity, we give you Manramp. He’s got a knack for getting the job done and a soft spot for skaters.

Hannah Azar // Geography Alphabet

Hannah Azar THUMB

“This series of 9” x 6” woodblocks is an exploration of geography. The blocks were printed in varied arrangements, each time trying to find a new relationship. Boundary lines or borders are both maintained and transgressed, identities kept and altered. The lines, shapes, and movements of the prints are informed by the landscape around us: the pines that border this campus, traces of the tide along the shore, shafts of light cast across the road in the morning, leaves and small rocks gathered against a building by the wind.”

Afternoon at The Gathering

Afternoon at The Gathering

Two days of incessant rain left thirty-eight hundred hippies mud-caked and sopping, but when the clouds finally broke, Gold Town graced the stage and a bunch of soggy bottomed borders disgraced the mini ramp.