Western Impulse

Western Impulse: Chapter Three

Western Impulse - Rest Stop

Fall in New England for many means leaf peeping. Leaf peeping, v. The act of driving north to Vermont from New York or New Jersey in the autumn in a sport utility vehicle with an I heart Vermont bumper sticker to gaze at picturesque foliage and go outlet shopping. For many New England kids though, the turning color of the foliage means work. It’s the season when the old man sends you out to do a little bit of raking. Well, a ton of raking sometimes. When we were younger, this work had its benefits though. When you were finished, you always had a pile of feather-light crunchiness in which to jump and perfect the moves of your wildest imaginings. We used to even put a bike ramp up to freshly raked piles.

Western Impulse: Chapter Two

Western Impulse: Chapter 2

Well, after some rowdy skate sessions on the north shore, the Green Mountain Boys pushed on to NYC where they were hosted by the eminent Ian Durkin and accompanied on a city skatin’ safari by the radical Jackson Rourke. NYC is just fun. And coffee makes it more so.

Western Impulse: Chapter One

Chapter 1 - Thumbnail 2

Here we go. First leg of the trip. Had to stop at a few spots even before making it out of Vermont. And then, once out of the state, the crew actually went southeast to the north shore of Boston for some final sessions with the Glenney gang and Steve, who we had to leave behind (he had too much homework). Such good sessions though. Dave got a little suicidal at the Salem slides, Steve became possessed by the spirit of Jason Adams, and young Ivan Glenney ripped with true skate spontaneity.

Western Impulse // Missouri

Western Impulse - Missouri THUMB

Ollie out. Ridin’ through. The trust fall: frequent practice of which is crucial to the success of any road trip

Western Impulse // Virginia

Western Impulse - Missouri THUMB

When the pungent smell of sock can no longer be withstood. Ollie into weird structure. Kicky Kinks that could impale. “You boys aren’t from around here now, are yah.” Portrait of a Virginian Playground session. “Dropping!” “Tony Hawk! Tony Hawk!”