Here, hardly any would agree, is the preservation of skateboarding. To skateboard in such a place is to be at the ragged fringe of a culture, where skate spots and even paved places are rare. But fringes and borders are where things are wildest. The “edge effect” as it’s called by ecologists, is the phenomena of increased species population and biodiversity at the border between two ecosystems. Life thrives at the border. Things meet, comingle, and evolve there. In Vermont we are at a border. Human and nonhuman worlds meet here and the human takes on the wildness around it, becoming something new, becoming something more. As the woods grow deeper and the howls thicken, a new barbaric boarding is being born in this place.



these are really the greatest, most refreshing and enjoyable videos to view… skateboarding, or otherwise. thank you for doing what you do and making the videos you make


These are the skateboarding films I love. Seeing gnarly bangers is cool and all, but this created a sense of passion in me that is hard to come by in other films.


Truly a beautiful tribute to skateboarding. I’ve been away from New England for a long time, and this brings back fond memories of skating in places like this as a kid.


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