Hannah Azar // Geography Alphabet

Hannah’s work comes from observations at the borders of human development, at the fringe, where ordered lines and grids run up against untamed patterns. Her woodcut series, Geography Alphabet, was hanging in Gordon College dining hall and thoroughly stoked Tom while he was editing FROM THE BORDERS. A collaboration formed shortly after and her series was used to style the film.

Artist statement:

“This series of 9” x 6” woodblocks is an exploration of geography. The blocks were printed in varied arrangements, each time trying to find a new relationship.  Boundary lines or borders are both maintained and transgressed, identities kept and altered. The lines, shapes, and movements of the prints are informed by the landscape around us:  the pines that border this campus, traces of the tide along the shore, shafts of light cast across the road in the morning, leaves and small rocks gathered against a building by the wind.”

Woodcuts_1 SMALL Woodcuts_3 SMALL Woodcuts_5 SMALL Woodcuts_6 SMALL Woodcuts_8 Woodcuts_7 SMALL Woodcuts_4 SMALL

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