Ian Durkin’s “Bigfoot Country”

Ian Durkin is one of the raddest guys we’ve met in our wanderings. The first time we hung out with him in NYC, he gave us a tour of Vimeo’s headquarters and then let us crash his place in Brooklyn where we watched Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and talked about cowboys, maple syrup, and the American dream as we sat amidst the smell of sweaty socks and shoes that six of us had scattered around his living room after a full day of skating.

Ian’s got a totally generous heart, a desire for adventure, and he makes some of the most beautiful edits we’ve ever seen. His work makes you feel the call of the wild and the sense of wonder you had in the outdoors as a kid. Check out the recently released part one of Bigfoot Country: The Adventures of Woody and The Blue Ox, a surfin’ safari directed and edited by Ian. It’s gorgeous.

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