Hannah Azar // Geography Alphabet

Hannah Azar THUMB

“This series of 9” x 6” woodblocks is an exploration of geography. The blocks were printed in varied arrangements, each time trying to find a new relationship. Boundary lines or borders are both maintained and transgressed, identities kept and altered. The lines, shapes, and movements of the prints are informed by the landscape around us: the pines that border this campus, traces of the tide along the shore, shafts of light cast across the road in the morning, leaves and small rocks gathered against a building by the wind.”

Undomesticated: Rebekah Frangipane


Cultivating Wildness: Tip #1

Balance precariously. Too much control (and board control) in one’s life is unhealthy. Embrace its loss. This tip is brought to you by Rebekah Frangipane.

Western Impulse: Chapter Two

Western Impulse: Chapter 2

Well, after some rowdy skate sessions on the north shore, the Green Mountain Boys pushed on to NYC where they were hosted by the eminent Ian Durkin and accompanied on a city skatin’ safari by the radical Jackson Rourke. NYC is just fun. And coffee makes it more so.

Ian Durkin’s “Bigfoot Country”


Ian Durkin is one of the raddest guys we’ve met in our wanderings. The first time we hung out with him in NYC, he gave us a tour of Vimeo’s headquarters and then let us crash his place in Brooklyn where we watched Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and talked about cowboys, maple syrup, and the American dream as we sat amidst the smell of sweaty socks and shoes that six of us had scattered around his living room after a full day of skating.

Western Impulse: Chapter One

Chapter 1 - Thumbnail 2

Here we go. First leg of the trip. Had to stop at a few spots even before making it out of Vermont. And then, once out of the state, the crew actually went southeast to the north shore of Boston for some final sessions with the Glenney gang and Steve, who we had to leave behind (he had too much homework). Such good sessions though. Dave got a little suicidal at the Salem slides, Steve became possessed by the spirit of Jason Adams, and young Ivan Glenney ripped with true skate spontaneity.

PowderJet Snowboards

PowderJets Thumbnail

For some of us Vermonters, the more we skateboard and snowboard, the more we desire to know what it is to surf. It’s no simple task in the Green Mountains. That is, until recently. Behold, the PowderJet Snowboard. This baby is designed and manufactured by Vermonters, and when you get a good snow, it’s surfboard-style cut lets you rip the mountain as if it were one big radical wave.