Alternative Ramp Design

ARD Thumb

Artist, designer, academic, and Worble friend Sara Hendren re-imagines ramp technology, with the needs of the handicapped and the enjoyment of the skateboarder in mind. Finally, an architectural vision that welcomes the skater’s imagination…

Western Impulse // NYC

Western Impulse - NY THUMB

Solace. Not as bad as the suiclide. Dead tooth? Dave on the DIY dentistry. Yep, I think it’s the king pin. Shoot, we haven’t even gone west yet…



A review of From the Borders in Gordon College’s alumni magazine, written by Worble friend and fellow ripper, John Dixon Mirisola. Thanks John!

Western Impulse // MA

Western Impulse - VTMA

Before following the Western Impulse, the dudes had to go south east to give some parting high fives to some homeboys. Had a heavy skate session at the Salem Slide too–well, Dave did.

Western Impulse // VT


This winter, instead of stocking the wood stove and curling up with a cup of hot chocolate and a copy of Thrasher, Dave, Tom, Nate, and Alex followed a different impulse, the “western impulse” as Thoreau calls it. These Green Mountain boys have successfully made it across this wild continent and reached California, the skateboard state. YEEEHEWWW!