Western Impulse // Missouri

Western Impulse - Missouri THUMB

Ollie out. Ridin’ through. The trust fall: frequent practice of which is crucial to the success of any road trip

Undomesticated: James Lemire

James Lemire - Undomesticated THUMB

Ok, sometimes we take the skating the borders theme a little too far. It’s so much fun to skate what shouldn’t be skated though. James Lemire is an all terrain terror.

Undomesticated: Eliza Catherine Hale

Eliza - Undomesticated THUMB

“I love even to see the domesticated animals reassert their native rights,—any evidence that they have not wholly lost their native rights.” ~ Thoreau

Western Impulse // Virginia

Western Impulse - Missouri THUMB

When the pungent smell of sock can no longer be withstood. Ollie into weird structure. Kicky Kinks that could impale. “You boys aren’t from around here now, are yah.” Portrait of a Virginian Playground session. “Dropping!” “Tony Hawk! Tony Hawk!”

Alternative Ramp Design

ARD Thumb

Artist, designer, academic, and Worble friend Sara Hendren re-imagines ramp technology, with the needs of the handicapped and the enjoyment of the skateboarder in mind. Finally, an architectural vision that welcomes the skater’s imagination…