Like Leaves


The correspondence between the look of the landscape and the way you feel and act becomes all the more apparent during a good leaf peeping season in Vermont. A mountain range lit with the red-orange fire of maples can ignite a quick exuberance in the individual. It might make you bomb a hill on your board, power-slide some leaves on the sidewalk, or given chance (which actually isn’t that rare in VT), chase a bunch of turkeys in a meadow. Sometimes the colors make us a little more wild. And yet, like the leaves, just as we catch fire, we inevitably fall.

Western Impulse


In Vermont the firey red of maples has been extinguished. It’s colder; the sky is grey, heavy, and close, and the air is moist. It feels like snow. This winter though, instead of stocking the wood stove and curling up with a cup of hot chocolate and a copy of Thrasher, Dave, Tom, Nate, and Alex are indulging in a different impulse, the “western impulse” as Thoreau calls it.

Best Trick // Plaza Skatepark

Best Trick // Plaza Skatepark

After a wild demo at Plaza Skate Park, the Vox team judged a best trick contest in “ditch alley”.   Richard Bowen didn’t make podium. Steve won a Pat Duffy pro model for his kickflip. JT explains how Richard was disqualified for skating out of bounds.