Western Impulse // NYC

Western Impulse - NY THUMB

Solace. Not as bad as the suiclide. Dead tooth? Dave on the DIY dentistry. Yep, I think it’s the king pin. Shoot, we haven’t even gone west yet…



A review of From the Borders in Gordon College’s alumni magazine, written by Worble friend and fellow ripper, John Dixon Mirisola. Thanks John!

Western Impulse // MA

Western Impulse - VTMA

Before following the Western Impulse, the dudes had to go south east to give some parting high fives to some homeboys. Had a heavy skate session at the Salem Slide too–well, Dave did.

Western Impulse // VT


This winter, instead of stocking the wood stove and curling up with a cup of hot chocolate and a copy of Thrasher, Dave, Tom, Nate, and Alex followed a different impulse, the “western impulse” as Thoreau calls it. These Green Mountain boys have successfully made it across this wild continent and reached California, the skateboard state. YEEEHEWWW!

Like Leaves


The correspondence between the look of the landscape and the way you feel and act becomes all the more apparent during a good leaf peeping season in Vermont. A mountain range lit with the red-orange fire of maples can ignite a quick exuberance in the individual. It might make you bomb a hill on your board, power-slide some leaves on the sidewalk, or given chance (which actually isn’t that rare in VT), chase a bunch of turkeys in a meadow. Sometimes the colors make us a little more wild. And yet, like the leaves, just as we catch fire, we inevitably fall.