Part 5

Though it seems a big handrail is hard to come by on the east coast, Baltimore City College made the bad decision to build a couple. Unwilling to one-up his front lip on the 18 stair (as seen in Fool’s Paradise), Dave did a few b/s board slides on the 17, which was cool enough to inspire five people to document (and a group of little girls to sit around and wait for a fall). Afterwards we skated the harbor until Dave’s board shot out and fell into 30 ft of grimy water. At that point, or shortly after, we called it quits and camped out in Virginia. Aside from waking up to a Park Ranger responding to noise complaints, we had a quality time. By the next morning, our fifth day in, we were filthy and unbathed, fortunately for us the campground had a lake.

Our original destination was Nashville, but on account of frequent stops and sick spots, the time ran out in Knoxville. There we skated a cement draining system until it got dark. As a man drove through the nearby intersection, he rolled down his window and muttered toward Alex, “qwurr”. On that note, we made the collective decision to head home. Keep an eye out for some more footage along the way, featured in the final episode, Part 6

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