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REWILD: Steve Mull


It’s a concrete jungle out there and Steve Mull is getting squirrely in its streets.


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For east coasters winter isn’t exactly over. We’re not even half way through March, so don’t let your stoke get extinguished if and when there happens to be a little more snow. In fact, when the temperature drops and the sky gets dark and pregnant with precipitation, call your homeboys and have your shred sticks… Read more »

Wild at the Academy

Wild at the Academy

Nothing compares to the giddiness you get the moment school is out for Christmas break. The campus is quiet, the sky is grey and brooding, and the few remaining piles of snow lie like crusty corpses on the sides of curbs, but inside you feel like Louie Barletta. It’s party time! It’s skateboard time.



“In wildness is the preservation of the world” declared Henry David Thoreau. It is not in the order of cities or suburbia. Real life comes from contact with the wildness of frontier. Our state of Vermont, once 80% farmland, now 80% forest, is frontier again. The coyote has come to these woods from the west. The Catamount now stalks through our ranges like a whisper. And in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, the howls are heavier, longer, and there is rumor of wolves. Wildness lies thick here. Here in this state, Thoreau would undoubtedly agree, is the preservation of the world.

Western Impulse: Chapter One

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Here we go. First leg of the trip. Had to stop at a few spots even before making it out of Vermont. And then, once out of the state, the crew actually went southeast to the north shore of Boston for some final sessions with the Glenney gang and Steve, who we had to leave behind (he had too much homework). Such good sessions though. Dave got a little suicidal at the Salem slides, Steve became possessed by the spirit of Jason Adams, and young Ivan Glenney ripped with true skate spontaneity.

PowderJet Snowboards

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For some of us Vermonters, the more we skateboard and snowboard, the more we desire to know what it is to surf. It’s no simple task in the Green Mountains. That is, until recently. Behold, the PowderJet Snowboard. This baby is designed and manufactured by Vermonters, and when you get a good snow, it’s surfboard-style cut lets you rip the mountain as if it were one big radical wave.

Alternative Ramp Design

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Artist, designer, academic, and Worble friend Sara Hendren re-imagines ramp technology, with the needs of the handicapped and the enjoyment of the skateboarder in mind. Finally, an architectural vision that welcomes the skater’s imagination…