The Gold Rush

Every year the Zumiez Couch Tour hosts amateur skate competitions across the country. The theme this year is “The Gold Rush.” Foolhardy young boarders with a gleam of gold in their eye come from far and yonder in an attempt to strike it big at each stop of the tour. Perhaps more ambitious than most, Dave, Alex, Nate and Kristen have set out from the tranquility of the Green Mountains and made their way west in their trusty ol’ Econoline Van. Their first stop on the tour was Seattle, where Dave and Alex brought their mountain man gnarledge to unsuspecting suburbanites. Dave managed to strike bronze. At the second stop in Portland, Oregon, the announcers recognized Dave and Alex, and dubbed them “The Prospector” and “Grizzly Adams” (due to their wild and unkempt appearance). Keeping it VT as usual.

So far the worblers are having a blast rubbing elbows with skateboarders that are pretty rad and inspirational. More updates on their trip to come, but check out what’s happened these past two weeks!

“Today’s third place contestant came in with interesting lines and tricks far from the norm. Dave Mull looked like a lumberjack out there on a wooden slab. As Dave found gaps that the rest of the contestants passed by, he took advantage and sailed into third place” (Zumiez).

“Portland has always been known as a center for concrete heavies. The skaters would have to pilot their skills on a slippery and salty surface today. The masonite was doused with pockets of dampness. Taking to ramps and railings like a nocturnal creature from the hesh abyss, Dave Mull killed it. Starting off strong, Dave did a taildrop kickflip into the bank gaining speed and never slowing down. Dave would finish off the jam with a gap off the quarterpipe to 90-degree front fifty on the handrail” (Zumiez).

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