Undomesticated at the Academy

For the past three years I’ve been working at a prep school in Massachusetts. Students here are academically motivated and follow a pretty rigorous daily schedule. For many, there’s not too much that’s unscheduled. Perhaps it’s because of this that the desire to be wild is sometimes even stronger. Maybe it’s something innate in us. Whatever the reason, all I know is that this spring, there are a lot of kids coming out to skate and just be wacky fairly often after classes. The 19th century wild man of the woods, Henry David Thoreau says, “I would not have every man cultivated any more than I would have every acre of earth cultivated.” This is the uncultivation of kids at the Academy. This is kids being wild, and really, just being kids.
– Charley​

The boarders convene.


This is new to some.


Piece of cake.


Always good to have a spotter though.


The Reynolds 4. 


Now to get wild.

8 9 10

Barrett with a brick-blast.


Mike gets the ollie-a-board competition going.


Ollie’s are overrated.

13 14

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