Western Impulse: Chapter Nine

Barnside is a plywood roller coaster that weaves through the beams and rafters of a massive barn located in the middle of nowhere, Kansas. Owned and operated by the bearded boss-man Joel and his radical wife Amy, this rustic theme park was a must-stop!


Barn and Van

A skate park in there?

Dog Pond 1

No cattle on this farm, just Luna.

Silo Cllimb


Alex Silo Peek

Seriously, Bert, don’t look down. Tom’s freaking out.

Dog Silo

Luna, lunatics.

Nate Silo Switchflip 2

Nate Benner, switch flip. Tom grew his first grey hair while snapping this photo.

Nate Transfer

Benner blasting to the upper deck.

Dave Over Key Hole

Dave cruisin’ over the keyhole to heaven on earth.

Bert over Benner

Slumber party.

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